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Krown Rust Proofing

After years of servicing rusty vehicles that had been corroded by the salt and moisture of the Ottawa winter, we concluded that there had to be a way to prevent the rust that was plaguing our customer’s vehicles. So in 1991, after months of research, we decided Krown was the most effective tool we could use to help our customers and added it to our list of services.

Did you know…

  • 1.It’s never too late for a Krown treatment, unless the vehicle is already so badly weakened by corrosion that is is not safe to drive.
  • 2.Krown outperforms all competitors.
  • 3.Krown is environmentally friendly. It is the the only product on the market with no solvents and is non-toxic.
  • 4.Krown provides locked in pricing coast to coast
  • 5.Krown is the #1 recommended product by consumers, fleets and automotive body repair technicians. Krown is the only rust control product / company recommended by CAA.
  • 6.Krown is the only product on the market where your vehicle can be washed right after it has been treated.
  • 7.Krown is the only product that can be sprayed in any weather condition.
  • 8.Krown pays for all accident resprays up to one year from date of application.
  • 9.Krown is the only company that has its technicians trained and certified annually.
  • 10.Krown is the only company in the market today that has an on-going research program in order to keep the treatment up to date with tomorrow’s changing vehicle industry.
The Features

  • 1.Krown actually lifts moisture and creeps into the inner seams and crevices for complete protection.
  • 2.Krown offers the best new car warrenty.
  • 3.Krown is more than rust protection. It lubricates and protects suspension, brakes, cables, power windows, power antennas and all other major mechanical & electrical system components.
  • 4.Krown’s rust control system addresses the vehicle’s 200 spot welds to maintain safety (cage integrity).
  • 5.Krown reminds you when your vehicle is due for its annual application. All you need to do is book an appointment that fits your schedule.

What We do

Krown protects
  • All body panels
  • Spot welds
  • Cowl assemblies
  • Headlight pots and adjusters
  • Transmission case
  • Oil pans
  • Sub-frames and hidden box sections
  • Inner framework

  • Krown lubricates
  • Window and door mechanisms
  • Door locks
  • Electrical switches
  • Brake cables
  • Linkages for transmissions
  • Door hinges
  • Hood and trunk hinges
  • Reduces friction on all rubbing parts
  • Suspension Bushings

  • A Krown rust control application is inexpensive, just $139.95 for small cars, $149,95 for SUV/Minivan and $159.95 for trucks. Spraying your car with Krown will hold any rust from spreading badly. You also have the convivence of Krown in an aerosol spray for purchase and spot treat heavy rust blisters right at home. If money’s tight, Krown is a heck of an alternative!

    Corrosion is not just a cosmetic issue; it’s a safety issue and leads to mechanical failures. Corrosion damage can increase the likelihood of an accident. For example, steel fuel and brake lines can fail as a result of rust.

    Get your car “Krowned” today! Book an appointment online. We invite you to view your car as our specialists apply the treatment.

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