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Preventative Maintenance

A Word of Advice…

Automotive experts provide endless amounts of advice about which services your vehicle may need over its useful life. They also have much to say about various driving habits you should adopt in order to tweak optimum performance and minimum expense from your car. The truth is that there is just way too much information for normal humans to absorb. Often the experts advice seems contradictory and adapting certain driving habits isn’t at all practical for those of us who must “rush” through life at a fast pace.

Relax. It’s really very simple. Unless you are doing something unusual you really don’t have to change your driving habits. After all, the car is made to serve you. Most of today’s vehicles are pretty bulletproof and flexible towards differing drivers. If you are doing something truly contrary to accepted procedure, you’ve probably heard about it from someone by now.

Preventative Maintenance: Maintaining Vehicle Safety and Value

Everyone’s time is limited. McConville’s garage has a vehicle maintenance program that’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Every 5,000 kilometers, bring your car in for an oil, lube and filter service and 32 point inspection.
  2. Every 20,000 kilometer do our 300 point bumper to bumper inspection, along with manufacturer’s recommended maintenance service.
  3. Annual Krown rust control spray application.

    Let us handle the worry over your entire vehicle maintenance program. Submit to our 1-2-3 approach which is carefully designed to meet new car warranty requirements and maintain your car in safe, reliable condition.