About Us :: Green Shift
Facility Renovations
A number of environmental initiatives have been included in the ongoing renovations of our facility at 306 Montfort Street.  These recently completed and ongoing initiatives include,

  • Adding 2 inches high-efficiency insulation to the building walls
  • Replacing 4 drafty wooden overhead doors with vinyl insulated doors
  • Using recyclable steel cladding in refurbishing the building exterior.
  • Lowering all overhead door openings by two feet to decrease heat loss in winter.
  • Installing additional windows to allow for more natural light
  • Removing old windows and replacing with tinted, energy efficient windows.
  • Removing inefficient fluorescent lights and replacing with efficient and brighter long-life industrial lighting
  • Adding insulation to the ceiling of the facility to reduce heat loss through the roof
  • Ultra-efficient spray foam insulation used in restoration of detailing bay
  • Demolishing drafty separate waiting room and integrating new waiting room with customer service to create energy efficiencies.