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Green Shift
Over the past two years, McConville's Garage Limited has been actively working to decrease its environmental footprint. 

Facility Renovations, Waste Management, Controlled Waste Management

Facility Renovations
A number of environmental initiatives have been included in the ongoing renovations of our facility at 306 Montfort Street.  These recently completed and ongoing initiatives include,

  • Adding 2 inches high-efficiency insulation to the building walls
  • Replacing 4 drafty wooden overhead doors with vinyl insulated doors
  • Using recyclable steel cladding in refurbishing the building exterior.
  • Lowering all overhead door openings by two feet to decrease heat loss in winter.
  • Installing additional windows to allow for more natural light
  • Removing old windows and replacing with tinted, energy efficient windows.
  • Removing inefficient fluorescent lights and replacing with efficient and brighter long-life industrial lighting
  • Adding insulation to the ceiling of the facility to reduce heat loss through the roof
  • Ultra-efficient spray foam insulation used in restoration of detailing bay
  • Demolishing drafty separate waiting room and integrating new waiting room with customer service to create energy efficiencies.

Waste Management
In addition to safely collecting and disposing of controlled wastes (see below), we recently embarked on some new and improved waste management initiatives,

  • Complete capture, collection and recycling of all plastic containers
  • Complete capture, collection and recycling of all aerosol cans and containers
In one month (October 2008), these new initiatives resulted in additional recycling of over 4 cubic meters of plastics, and over 2 cubic meters of aerosol cans

We would like to thank Lacombe Waste Services, and their staff, for helping us to implement these new initiatives.   The ease, efficiency and substanital impact of these new recycling programs has inspired us to continue investing in our waste management program. 

Controlled Waste
As required by federal, provincial and municipal regulations, McConville's Garage Limited responsibly disposes of controlled waste.  This includes safely capturing, collecting and disposing / recycling…

  • Waste Oil
  • Waste Coolant (Glycol)
  • Waste Oil Filters
  • Used chemicals / solvents
  • Interceptor  / spill control system collection and cleaning
  • Scrap Metal
  • Used Tires
  • Used car batteries
  • Waste Oil Filters