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Drive Clean
Drive Clean

The Ontario Drive Clean program is mandated by the Government of Ontario requiring certain vehicles to pass an emission test in order to sell a vehicle or renew Ontario licence plates.  The Minisry of Transportation is constantly improving and updating the program. Most recently, the Ministry moved the initial test date for new vehicles from 3 years after production to 5 years, reflecting the high pass rate of new vehicles.  For more information on the Drive Clean program, give McConville's a call at 613-748-7731 or visit the Drive clean website.


CAA Approved Auto Repair Service Provider

Trusted across the nation, CAA Approved Auto Repair Service (AARS) shops are a symbol of compentency, quality and service.  McConville's is such a shop, and we are proud members of the AARS program.  Visit the CAA website for more information about AARS, lists of other AARS shops across Canada, and other great CAA programs.




Car Care Canada
Car Care Banner

Diligence in observing the scheduled maintenance and being proactive in maintaining your vehicle will save you thousands, maintain your vehicles value, and keep you safe.  Car Care Canada is an independent national body dedicated to providing cost-saving, reliable information to Canadian drivers.  Visit for lots of great educational tools, maintenance tips, resources and checklists to help ensure your automotive ownership is fun, safe and cost effective.


Krown banner

After years of struggling with heavily rusted and corroded vehicles, Bruce McConville decided there had to be a way to stop the costly and drastic effects of rust and corrosion on his customer's vehicles.  He observed that his customers were spending money unnecessarily to fix corroded and seized parts. After extensive research and testing, Bruce decided on Krown as the most effective rust and corrosion prevention product on the market.  Krown is the most popular, and has been proven as the most effective, rust control product on the market.  Krown is the only rust control product / company recommended by the CAA.  Click on the following link to learn more about this effective and money saving product.


Liquid Glass
Liquid Glass

Liquid Glass is a beautiful and effective exterior paint treatment and wax.  Effectively lasting up to six months, this product not only delivers exceptional looks, but also effectively protects paint from harmful UV light, dust and salt damage.  Click on the following link for more information about this exceptional product, available at McConville's Garage.