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June 25, 2008, OTTAWA, ON - Even if the average gas price hits $1.50 a litre, the traditional family summer vacation by vehicle costs less, is more convenient and is not as stressful as flying, according to Car Care Canada. The cost for a family of four traveling by car is about the same as one person traveling by air.

 “Rising ticket prices, fewer daily flights, fuller planes, limited baggage, fewer non-stops and longer layovers between connecting flights doesn’t paint a pretty picture for this summer’s vacationing families thinking about flying,” said Patty Kettles, Manager of Marketing and Communications for Car Care Canada. “Natural Resources Canada monitors the price of fuel closely. Last week, they found that average price for regular gasoline was $1.36/L. Even with rising gas prices, the cost of driving is a much better deal compared to going by air.”

 Based on a family of four traveling 2 000 km round-trip, the Car Care Canada compared the cost of flying vs. driving.

 By air: A family of four traveling by air will spend at least $1,673 CND for tickets (based on 2007 fourth quarter statistics from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics in the United States). The total airline ticket cost is conservative considering that airline ticket prices have increased several times since December. Add to this amount extra baggage cots, fuel surcharges, this cost, transportation to and from the airport and/or parking.

 By vehicle: If gasoline prices were $1.50/L, the cost for a family of four traveling by mini-van would be $448. This number not only includes the cost of gasoline, but also tire wear and maintenance based on the Canadian Automobile Association’s (CAA’s) vehicle operating costs.

 Besides the obvious direct cost savings, going by car offers a number of advantages over flying, including:

Leave when you want from where you want No airport parking No waiting in long ticket counter and security lines No weather delays Pack whatever and as much as you want Stop and stretch any time More and better meal options No rental car or taxi expenses More legroom and overall comfort No strangers sitting next to you See more of the country and enjoy the scenery You can even bring the family pet with you!  About Be Car Care Aware and Car Care Canada
Be Car Care Aware is a campaign to inform Canadian drivers about the benefits of regular, vehicle care, maintenance and repair. The campaign's purpose is to empower drivers to make sensible decisions about their vehicles and avoid costly repairs due to neglect. Be Car Care Aware is spearheaded by Car Care Canada and built around three key themes: safety, environmental protection and maximizing value for money spent on vehicle maintenance and repairs.

 Car Care Canada is a non-profit advocacy group that offers research, consumer education and information about the Canadian automotive aftermarket industry. For more than 15 years, Car Care Canada has been working to advance the motoring public’s understanding of the vital importance of regular vehicle maintenance and how, by taking a preventative approach to vehicle care and driving habits, motorists can lower their maintenance costs and improve safety.

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