Helpful Tips :: Corrosion Prevention
Body Maintenance

Many vehicle owners make the unfortunate mistake of neglecting the aesthetics of their vehicles.  The overall appearance and condition of a vehicle body has a tremendous impact on the value of a vehicle.

A well kept car is safer and has a higher resale value. Apply the following tips to ensure your car is at it's peak performance.

  • Wash your car regularly -- at least once a week. Simply keeping your car clean will ensure dirt and moisture doesn't build up and lead to rust.
  • Make sure all drain ports are free of debris. Insert an ordinary drinking straw in the drains to make sure they are clear. Doors, rocker panels, rear and quarters have drain ports.
  • Once a year, have the entire vehicle re-sprayed with Krown or a similar product. The sooner you apply Krown Rust Control, the sooner your car is protected.
  • Wax your vehicle at least once a year.  Do not use harsh detergents (such as dish soap) to wash your vehicle, as they will remove waxes. McConville's recommends waxing your vehicle once a year.