Helpful Tips :: Buying a Used Car
4. Do your Research

A vehicle purchase is a large investment, checking a few facts can save huge amounts of time and money. 

When purchasing from a new or used dealer, ensure they are licensed members of OMVIC (Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council).  Buying and selling used vehicles is a very tightly regulated business, and with good reason.  Dealerships must be licensed and salespersons be members in good standing to legally sell vehicles.  An institution that doesn't possess, or can't retain, a dealership license is not one with which you want to do business.  Licensed dealerships are required to adhere to strict rules regarding advertising, vehicle disclosure, training, legislation, and insurance.  Also, consumers have added protection and recourse through OMVIC not available through unlicensed dealerships or private sales. To learn more about OMVIC, vist

When making a private purchase from an individual, be doubly vigilant and ensure you have your vehicle inspected by a professional.  Follow your gut instincts, an individual who refuses to allow the vehicle to be inspected or tested may be doing so for good reason.  Also, you may be dealing with a "curbsider", an unlicensed dealer posing as an individual.  Visit for tips on how to avoid fraud in purchasing a vehicle privately.