Helpful Tips :: Buying a Used Car
3. Get an educated opinion about the vehicle

Everyone around you will have an opinion about your prospective purchase.  Family and friends will eagerly share their experiences or third-party knowledge about any prospective vehicle purchase.  This advice may cary plenty of wisdom, however be sure to consult with a professional as well. 

The ideal professional to ask will...

1) Be knowledgable about vehicle maintenance and repair.

2) Have first-hand experience maintaining your vehicle make and model.

3) Have the ability to discuss your model in an open and unbiased manner.

These criteria make an independent garage the ideal partner when buying a used car because...

1) Independent shops work on a greater variety of vehicles more often than most dealerships, making them familiar with the strongest, and weakest, models. 

2) Independent shops repair vehicles from new until they are through their useful life; they know the specific challenges your vehicle will face over its entire useful life

3) An Independent shop can offer an unbiased opinion of a vehicle, as they are not obliged to maintain a higher opinion of a particular product.

At McConville's, we would be happy to share our experience of working on all makes and models for over twenty years.   Let our experience help you find a vehicle that meets your needs and budget, we're here to help!