Helpful Tips :: Buying a Used Car
1. Have the vehicle inspected
Car Care BannerEven the most knowledgable consumer can't know the true condtion of a vehicle without a thorough inspection. "Popping the hood" or "kicking tires" does not suffice.  Without putting the car up on a hoist, removing parts and testing systems, there is no telling what kind issues are present right now, let alone what the car will require down the road.  Knowing what to expect in terms of maintenance and repairs now, six months down the road and next year bears heavily on whether a used car, even a relatively new one, is a wise purchase. 

Book an appointment for a 300 Point Vehicle Inspection and we'll let you know if your intended purchase is worth the investment.  In addition to thoroughly assessing condition of a vehicle, McConville's 300 Point Vehicle Inspection incorporates all the requirements necessary to ensure the vehicle meets Ontario Safety Standards.  An Ontario Safety Standards Certficate is required to deem the vehicle fit for use and to attach Ontario licence plates.