Service Name Description Price
300 Point Vehicle Inspection and Safety Check Thorough mechanical inspection encompassing the entire vehicle. Covers all mechanical systems and manufacturer inspections. Recommended annually. NOTE: $10.00 extra if safety certificate required 79.95
Krown Rust Treatment (Car) Annual rust inhibitor application. T-40 product is applied to entire vehicle, including undercarriage, engine compartment, all doors and rocker panels. NOTE: Price is greater for SUV's, Vans and Trucks. 119.95
Oil Change Includes Valvoline Oil, Oil Filter, Lube Service (where applicable), and 32 point pitstop inspection. Includes copy of Technician inspection and maintenance suggestions where applicable. NOTE: Synthetic Oil Extra 54.00
Krown T-40 - Can The same T-40 Krown formula used to effectively prevent rust and corrosion in a handy spray can. Use it on garden tools, snowblowers or any metal surface prone to rusting. Also an exceptional lubricant for any moving metal parts. 9.95
Body Lubrication Silicone treatment of all rubber sills and seals to keep rubber soft and pliable, preventing leaks and wind noise. Grease and lubricate locks, door hinges and sunroof if applicable. 53.50
Detailing: Magic Touch Hand wash vehicle exterior, complete interior clean, vacuum, salt removal and fabric shampoo. Dash/console treatment, leather treatment where applicable. NOTE: Add $30.00 for large vehicles (SUV, etc). Additional cost for pet hair & extra dirty vehicle. 169.00
Tire Swap (Tires already on rims) Swap summer/winter tires (already on rims). Check tire and rim condition, balance and install, measure tread and rotate as required 59.95
Tire Swap (Installation onto rims required) Install and balance tires on rims, check tire and rim condition, provide new tire valves, measure tire tread and rotate as required. NOTE: Disposal of old tires, if required, is extra. * extra charge for low profile tires 125.00
Electronic Alignment Electronic four wheel alignment. Recommend alignment where steering/suspension work has been performed, or when new tires have been purchased. Copy of alignment specifications before and after alignment provided. * extra charge to heat and unseize 99.95
Ontario Drive Clean Emissions Test Province of Ontario mandated vehicle emissions test. Upon arrival, please indicate reason for test (renewal or resale). No PST applied if only test is performed ($36.75 Total) 30.00
Drive Clean Fail Diagnosis Detailed emission control inspection and diagnosis. Emissions analysis, engine systems scan and emission related component inspection. Includes estimate for recommended/required repairs. Please bring fail report. Applicable towards Repair Cost Limit. 200.00
Liquid Glass Exterior Finish Long lasting wax and paint treatment. Restores and protects paint and lasts over 6 months. Includes paint pre-treatment, wax application, wax buff and wash. NOTE: Additional charges for SUV's, Vans and Trucks. 150.00
Motorvac fuel system treatment Complete fuel system purge and fuel system service. Removes internal carbon build up and combustion byproducts. Restores fuel efficiency and engine performance. 202.00
Cooling System Flush Complete cooling system flush with cooling system detergent and cooling system sealant. NOTE: price varies according to volume of coolant required; quoted price for six litres of coolant solution. 173.00
Body Estimate Body repair estimate / paint estimate. 0.00
Engine Shampoo Shampoo engine and blow dry ignition system. Removes dirt, oil and grime. Promotes improved cooling, engine efficiency and vehicle aesthetics. 74.00
Tire Repair Repair punctured tire. NOTE: Please be advised, not all tire punctures are repairable. McConville's will inspect tire to ensure a long-lasting, quality repair is possible. 34.00
Service Inquiry / Other Appointment General appointment for other service not listed above and / or general repair inquiry. 0.00

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